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Apetina® is a leading global cooking brand, sold in more than 30 countries, and covers a wide assortment of white cheese and other salad and cooking ingredients. Thanks to its fresh, natural and flavourful ingredients, it brings inspiration and experimentation into the kitchen. Today, Apetina® provides a broad range of versatile, easy-to-use ingredients including white cheese, grill cheese, cream cheese, grated cheese, fresh mozzarella and cottage cheese – which will all help you to add a twist to your everyday meals. Adding this twist is an essential part of Apetina’s® identity which involves striving for the best results in your daily cooking. Apetina® brings positive energy, a practical and creative mindset and a joy towards food into your kitchen. Apetina® is a popular component of many different meals, and the range can be used in either hot dishes, as a topping for grilled chicken/fish, on its own, or simply as a quick and easy way to prepare a delicious salad. https://www.apetina.com/en/